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Release of Ableton Push development kit


Like probably many of you, I got blown away by Ableton Push. It came out of nowhere (like the long overdue Live 9) and from the first moment it was clear, that I need it.

It provides such a great way for working with Live, that it replaced many of my midi controllers. Anyone who hasn't tried it yet, should definitely do.

But there was one controller in my collection, which wasn't replaced by Push.

The monome. Everyone who uses it, knows how great it is. There is a superb community behind it and they developed so many awesome music applications. These apps give you new ways in finding and developing your creativity. Each of these apps turns the monome in a complete new instrument. Like Push, monome isn't only a controller, but an instrument.

So why isn't there no way in playing these monome apps on Push?

It turns out, that this is now possible.

I'm happy to announce the release of the Push m4l development kit version 0.8

It allows an extreme easy and flexible programming of m4l Push devices.

For example I ported the m4l monome version of Polygomè in just 15 minutes. I only needed to include these few objects (no other changes were needed):

image image

The included max objects are really nice to use. For example there is the push_grid object, which accepts drawing methods like: set, col, row, rect, u_rect (unfilled rect) and many more.

But it isn't only about facilitate programming for Push, it is a whole integrated concept. It was really important for me not to break the great user experience of Push. E.g. there shouldn't be only a on/off switch in the m4l device to activate/deactivate the custom grid interface. - The integration should feel natural and intuitive.

That's why I developed a few max objects, which care about the proper integration. One object, for instance ensures, that the custom interface will be only showen on the Push, if the m4l device gets selected. Imagine a beat repeater, that can be played with the grid to produce rhythmical repeats. You want to show this custom 8x8 grid interface only, if the device is selected. The same object has also an option for showing the custom interface when the right track gets selected (not only the device). This would be the same behavior like the drum sequencer/note grid.

I came up with some great objects and solutions.

Take a look at the Push development documentation and have fun programming!

Oh and here is port of Polygomè, an awesome app by stretta: Download (working with Live 9.0.4 and later).

Florian Zand